Frequently Asked Questions

Q - I’ve heard that marble is really weak and is easily scratched is this true?

A- Yes and no. Marble is considered the weakest of all of our materials in terms of composition (weaker limestone type rock) but it is still incredibly durable if used in the right applications. For instance a bathroom with marble won’t show wear and tear like a kitchen would. Marble wall cladding is a popular usage too. Also there are processes to make the marble honed which will make all scratching irrelevant. Scratching and wear down is more noticeable in marble because often times they are polished (shiny) and very white which lends to showing scratches easier. There are however stronger marbles that are infused with more crystalline, quartz-like minerals that can withstand all applications.

Q- How do I protect my marble and granite once it’s installed?

A- Sealer. Sealers come in many different variations, so we recommend an “oil and water repellant” penetrating sealer. Sealer is a chemical compound that is applied to all surfaces of the stone where water and oil may come in contact with it. Sealer creates a hydrophobic barrier that repels water and oil ensuring that neither seeps into the rock surface. Generally sealer should be applied yearly. There is also a 10 year sealer that gives you the flexibility of not having to be reapplied yearly. Ask us about the sealers we offer.

Q- What’s your turn around time?

A- Ten days. We are currently at a 10 business day turn-around time which is lower than any other major competitor. Also we can template the same day, or next day once you select your granite, ensuring the quickest possible turn-around time.

Q- What’s included in my quote

A- We give you an exact price out the door, in an easy to understand quote that will include the cost of the material, installation, and fabrication. We have standard edge detail options included at no cost, and top-mount sink cut outs are free.

Q- What’s the hardest part of the process?

A- Choosing a color is the hardest part, everything else is easy. We give you pricing and work directly with the public so no more waiting around for someone to get back to you days after you’ve come in to look at slabs. When we get the color selected and the specifications right we send you a quote, then once we receive your deposit we begin templates the same day or next day. Then your template goes to our fabrication shop and undergoes a 10 day turn-around time resulting with your job finished and installed within 2 weeks or less from placing a deposit.