Why Shop with Classic Stone Gallery?

Why shop with us? It’s simple, because we are a 1 - stop shop. We deal directly with the public. We have granite and marble slabs on site as well as the machinery for cutting and fabrication; we also do all of our own templates and installations. All of this means one thing for you- No more dealing with more than one company to get your job done, We do everything in one place!

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What is the importance of dealing with Classic Stone Gallery vs. multiple companies?

Dealing with just one company ensures that you don’t get up-charged with middle-man prices. Secondly, because we have everything on site, we guarantee a faster turn-around time for your job than any of our other major competitors. We bring slabs directly from our stock to the cutting tables, meaning your job gets started as soon as you make the decision to place a deposit, resulting in the fastest turn-around time in the industry.

The usual process involves

1) Finding a marble and granite slab supplier to choose a color

2) Finding an approved fabricator who can buy the slabs that you chose from the supplier, meaning you’ll be waiting a few days for a quote

3) Find an installer to install the fabricated tops

4) At the end of the process you have to go through two or three different companies to get the job done. This all results in a longer overall process because the material has to go through multiple facilities before it gets installed in your home

Our Process involves

1) Come to our showroom and choose a color you like from our stock

2) Get a quote on the same day

3) Place a deposit and schedule a template

4) That’s it! You’re done, we will call you when we are ready to install and will provide 48 hour notice before your install date. The install takes 1- 3 hours and is done in one day.


1) You only have to deal with one company from start to finish, meaning Classic Stone Gallery is responsible for all your material, templates, and installation. No more having to remember and manage multiple companies contact information just to have the right number to call with questions regarding the material, installation or fabrication.

2) You won’t get a middle-man up-charge going from company to company because you’re only dealing with us.

3) If you choose material from our stock we only cut the exact square footage needed for your job and place the unused portion of the slab back into stock. This means that you never get charged for the full slab unless you actually use it. To explain, when granite fabricators have no stock on hand they will sell you from smaller samples and then buy the actual full slab from a supplier to cut your job, meaning you will get charged for the full slab even if you don't use all of it because the unused portion is considered "waste".