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A natural igneous type rock composed primarily of mica, feldspar, and quartz, Granite has been used in building applications for many centuries. Granite is mined by being blasted from quarries in huge blocks which are then sliced similarly to a loaf of bread to create a “bundle” of slabs, with each slab mimicking each other in directionality and variation of colors. Certain Granites have naturally occurring pits and fissures, both of which do not weaken the granite or make it less durable but rather are formed from naturally occurring minerals in the earth and are considered part of the natural beauty of the stone. Granite can be used anywhere without worry and is considered some of the strongest solid surfacing material in existence. Install in any room, kitchen, bath, or as a floor tile with no worries.


A natural metamorphic type rock composed primarily of calcite or dolomite. Marble is a metamorphosed rock that results when limestone undergoes extreme heat and pressure in the earth’s crust, forcing the limestone to crystallize. The variations of colors in marble are created by minerals that are present when this process occurs, resulting in some truly unique variations. Marble is a type of limestone which has been used for centuries in architectural applications. Marble is a naturally softer rock formation that can scratch if not treated properly.

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Natural quartz- Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock created when sandstone is introduced to extreme heat and pressure from tectonic shifting. It gains its variance in colors from the minerals present during the compression of the sandstone, resulting in unique color patterns and variations. Naturally occurring quartz has near diamond like resilience. These surfaces are uniquely strong and usable for any surface in any room. Natural Quartz has a glass-like consistency making it ideal for stain-resistance.

Engineered quartz- Man made quartz (Cambria, Silestone, etc.) is created in a factory from loose quartz material blended with color pigments and resin polymers to create solid surfaces. With man-made quartz any color you desire is truly achievable, Man-made quartz is great for commercial applications or situations where minimal upkeep is your preference.


We offer a wide variety of flooring tiles including porcelain, ceramic, marble and travertine flooring; we also offer wood-look plank style porcelain tile. Porcelain tiles offer unique patterns along with a high level of durability, making them “set and forget”. Get that classic elegant look with beautiful white marble tile sprawling across the room, or go ultra modern with a linen-patterned porcelain tile. We also provide design services at no charge in-house and offer installation services, truly making us a one-stop-shop for all of your flooring needs.

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Go beyond a standard marble or granite backsplash with some of our popular backsplash options. We offer a large variety of tile and natural stone backsplash options including stone and metal mixes, glass and metal mixes, pebbles, ledgestone, border accents, listello, and subway tiles among many others. We can help you design your kitchen and matching backsplash, helping you feel confident when you leave that you’ve chosen the perfect look. Come in today and browse all of our options to fully customize your unique kitchen and get started on creating your design today.


Granite, marble and quartz are 90% of what the industry does when it comes to solid surfaces but we also offer slate and limestone for those unique jobs and design pieces that just need to be different or stand out from the rest. A slate or limestone coffee table or dining room table can be a truly unique centerpiece in any room. Or make a grand entrance to your home with beautiful natural stone in the driveway.

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