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  • Canterbury Quartz

    A regal design with a refreshingly modern feel, Canterbury offers rich, warm tones of wood, leather, and stone befitting an ancient abbey or country manor found in the southeast county of Kent.

  • Cardiff Cream Quartz

    The individual, creamy pellets in Cardiff Cream hearken the many castles that dot Cardiff on Wales’ southern coast. This light, lovely foundation can be both modern and traditional.

  • Carmarthen Brown Quartz

    Named for the oldest city in Wales, the steady russet and black tones of Carmarthen Brown reflect our enduring Welsh heritage and speak of the hard but beautiful land that is the source of our inspiration.

  • Carrick Quartz

    Meaning rock or rocky place in Gaelic, Carrick? imparts memories of the stony gray walls of ancient castles standing resolute in the kingdom of Galloway where one of Scotland?s most famous kings Robert the Bruce held the Earldom of Carrick.

  • Cashel Quartz

    Energetic burgundy veins fracture across a warm white background. Delicate shading of tan accents complement the veins, accentuating this design?s undeniable warmth. Upon a closer look, a subtle shimmer will reveal itself in the bolder veins.

  • Charlestown Quartz

    The dark and dramatic charcoal gray surface of Charlestown? is imprinted with meandering gray and white veining above faint black currents that ripple below the surface.

  • Charston Quartz

    Like the shimmering hints of blue reflecting off the sea on a moonless night, this design captures the mood of the Charston Rock Lighthouse in Gloucester Harbor. Charston is engaging with a hint of drama around every corner.

  • Chicago Tower Quartz

    Gatherings of white specks intermixed with particles of black and medium gray rest on an industrial-gray backdrop that takes its inspiration from the soaring skyscrapers of the Windy City.

  • Clare Quartz

    In this elegantly modern design, bright white cool veins contrast with a versatile gray background, creating a deftly saturated design.

  • Clifton Quartz

  • Clovelly Quartz

    Graceful and flowing, Clovelly? displays a creamy background with copper and brown swooping veins and white, lightning-like veins that rise and fall across a surface interspersed with delicately latticed threads and black accents.

  • Clyde Quartz

    Dawn over the Scottish River Clyde is shrouded in sandy, rosy hues…the same palette that marks Clyde as a tastefully refined neutral. With a touch of class and texture it displays sophistication with ease.

  • Colton Quartz

    Offering timeless allure, Colton? is warm and creamy with rusty brownish-gray inscriptions and small white patches.

  • Crowndale Quartz

    Crowndale? is an intriguing combination of warm cream and beige splashes that meld with darker tans to articulate an intriguing design statement.

  • Darlington Quartz

    Light, serene, and soothing, Darlington features subtle wisps of khaki and olive that meander like the slow rolling rivers that weave through this northeastern England market town.

  • Delamere Quartz

    In this clean, neutral design, contrasting white veins float diagonally across a soft, almost-charcoal, chocolate-brown background. Lighter, softer white lines intersect with the bolder diagonals.